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Network Services

Network Services


There’s more to a network than some wires and a wireless access point. A network needs to be fast, secure, reliable and easily configured to the needs of your business.



When you think of your network, do you think only of the cables and physical hardware to which they connect? In the physical sense, a network is, yes, often made up of a lot of cables. But there’s more to a safe, secure, reliable network than just the wiring and physical connections. The safety of the whole network — network, in this case, being your servers, workstations, tablets and other connected devices — starts at the point where the Internet enters. That’s called the edge of the network, and that’s where network security truly begins.

Think of it like this: You lock the door to your house keep out intruders, rather than letting them in and trying to remove them later. While no solution can 100 percent guarantee your safety, a reliable firewall and sensible endpoint protection greatly reduce your risk. Contact us today to find out how we can help you secure your network — and your data.




Basic routers may not provide the protection your business needs. A firewall monitors and controls network traffic based on predetermined security rules. It also typically connects an internal network to an external network. We support many firewalls, but recommend Fortinet for its high level of security.

SWITCHES and wiring

In many cases, a basic, inexpensive switch can handle the needs of many businesses. But in other cases, a smart or managed switch is a better choice. If your business sends voice and data across the network, for example, a managed switch can minimize dropped calls. We can also wire (or re-wire) your facility.


The days of simple “virus protection” are over. Today, there are viruses, malware, spyware, adware and other threats. But another potential threat are the actions of your employees. Sophos is the unified threat management/endpoint protection solution we recommend to secure workstations and servers.